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Maria Opdycke

Recent Posts

How Employers Can Fight the Stigma of Taking Sick Days and Improve Employee Health

It always seems to happen: You have three big projects crossing over each other, a presentation, and barely enough time to get it all done in the work week. And then you feel a cold coming on. It’s not just the sniffles, or something you could push...

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Essential employee benefit trends you can’t afford to miss [Interview]

An interview with top insurance and benefits executive, Adam Kroeger 

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Adam Kroeger, a Client Executive at Truss LLC. Adam believes that by being strategic and consultative, he can provide solutions to his...

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Dr. Mark Friedman, CMO of First Stop Health: "Physicians Should be Innovators"

Chief Medical Officer at First Stop Health and emergency room physician Dr. Mark Friedman answers questions about medicine and the medical system on Medpage.com

What's the biggest barrier to practicing medicine today?

The biggest barrier to...

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4 Reasons Embedded Telemedicine Is Not "Free"

When it comes to telemedicine benefits, beware the words “it’s included,” “no additional cost,” or “free”. These phrases may be harmless describing a set of Ginsu knives on late night infomercials, but they should raise red flags coming from...

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Phew! Happy New Year... Happy New Benefits

2017 is here! A new year and a clean slate. For many, this is a time buzzing with the excitement of new goals and resolutions. However, for many others, after the ball has dropped and the confetti fallen, it can become a time of worry.

Just as...

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Implementing an Onsite Clinic vs. Telemedicine

An interesting question came across the table from an employer at a conference a couple of weeks ago: “What can a telemedicine solution do that an onsite clinic can’t?”

As employers look to provide convenient and affordable care to their...

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Chicago Tribune Reports First Stop Health's Clients Have Highest Utilization of Telemedicine

That wasn’t the title of the article published in the Chicago Tribune on Sunday October 10th, but it should have been. I was excited when the Chicago Tribune called me to talk about First Stop Health’s telemedicine solution. But when the article...

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Using Your Carrier’s Telemedicine Service Could Cost You More Than $500K

The old adage “You get what you pay for” is a quote I often find myself muttering when I choose the cheaper option. In the end, those irresistible deals don’t always turn out to be a sound investment with an optimal ROI.

This is especially true when...

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Telemedicine Without Barriers

Seeing a doctor when you are sick can be a hassle. First, you have to figure out where to go. Then you have to get there, register, wait, pay, hopefully see a doctor in under an hour or two, and then finally get home via the pharmacy, which...

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